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Brief Information

Tai, maid, aunty or simply maushi! An inseparable part of every household! She is indeed a blessing for all women, working or otherwise! We are accustomed to her to such an extent that at times, we hand over the house in her hands without hesitation.

What happens when she takes a leave for a day?

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Veg/Nonveg, Breakfast/snacks, lunch/dinner, only for chapati/roti/bhakri, Puran-poli meal (Charges: According to 1kg puran), Modaks

Other Houseworks

Washing, cleaning utensils. Moping floor, cleaning outdoor space. Occasional cleaning like festivals.

Baby sitter

Baby massage, maternal massage, washing baby’s clothes. Baby care etc.

Elderly care

caretaker for the elderly, taking the elderly for a walk, cooking for the elderly

Society cleaning

Cleaning the office, commercial, residency areas, society, collecting garbage, washing/cleaning the stairs, watering the plants/gardens, cleaning the society premises. Cleaning & mopping the floors, cleaning the furniture, handling the pantry area.

Hotel and restaurant

Making rotis/chapatis, washing utensils, cutting /chopping vegetables.


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Getting a maid from is extremely easy and fast. We are just one phone call away from providing you service. We have an educated and experienced management staff. Keeping in mind a social attitude, we are keen on providing work to every maid for their own benefits

Security and trustworthiness

We send a helper to your place only after a proper verification process of valid government documents of each maid. If necessary, we provide you documents of the concerned maid. Before referring a maid, if required , you can talk to her on the phone or you can meet her in person.

Permenant, Hourly or Temporary?

According to your needs, you can employ maid as Permenant, Hourly or Temporary.