About TheMaushi.com

Tai, maid, aunty or simply maushi! An inseparable part & parcel of every household! She is indeed a blessing for all women, working or otherwise! We are accustomed to her to such an extent that at times, we hand over the house in her hands without hesitation.

What happens when she takes a leave for a day?

Didi, I won’t be able to come today”, “Didi, I am taking a leave for 8 days” these are the nightmares we all experience. This is when your routine gets suddenly skewed and all your planning comes to a standstill. Also, a helping hand is mandatory during small and big household events, festivals along with the special cooking that accompanies every festival and not to forget the sudden arrival of guests!

But now, NO TENSION of “Maushi” We, through Maushi.com have brought you an effective solution for both the sides. Convenience for you as well as maushi! Whatsapp/call Maushi.com, tell your requirements and a favourable time and call a “maushi” literally anytime!

Our objectives

The social motives behind the concept of “Maushi.com”

  • Helping thousands of household maids through Maushi.com in three major areas: development of skills, time management and maximizing their income from their remaining time
  • By handing over the household chores to skilled maushis, you can work with full capacity in your workplace due to reduced stress levels
  • Attempting to organize an unorganized group of thousands of household maids into a firm

Our Mission

Providing skilled housemaids to every family and extra work to each maid as well as reaching out to maids in all corners of the city and organizing them in a framework

Why choose Maushi.com?

Getting a maid from Maushi.com is extremely easy and fast.
We are just one phone call away from providing you service.
We have an educated and experienced management staff.
Keeping in mind a social attitude, we are keen on providing work to every maid for their own benefits.

Security and trustworthiness

We send a helper to your place only after a proper verification process of valid government documents of each maid.
If necessary, we provide you documents of the concerned maid.
Before referring a maid, if required , you can talk to her on the phone or you can meet her in person.

Features of Maushi.com

  1. At Maushi.com it is extremely easy and affordable to call a maid for your daily household routine work as well as for all big and small tedious tasks throughout your day.
  2. We can provide you a maid who comes twice a week which will not only help you in your work but will also save you money.
  3. At times when you need to go out of station for your work, it is stressful to leave elderly members alone at home. An easy solution to this is Maushi.com wherein we can provide you a temporary caretaker as per your requirements.
  4. Considering the varying professions, you may have to go out at different times leaving your kids alone at home and at such times, calling a caretaker is extremely easy through Maushi.com.
  5. You can pay the maid after you finalize her for your work.
  6. In case you do not agree with the quality of her work or for any other valid reasons, we can immediately send you a replacement by providing another maid fulfilling your requirements.
  7. In the coming future, we are planning to expand the coverage and workspace of Maushi.com.